I've been coding since 2014. Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy it so much. It's pretty much the perfect fit for my (at times) frustratingly balanced left and right brain. There's just enough geek in it to satisfy my itch for logic and order, and just enough open-endedness to let me stretch my creative legs.


If you're in need of a website, I'd love to help out. Anything from a simple site like this one to a full-featured business site is in my wheelhouse. Does your site just need a fresh coat of paint? I can do that, too! I primarily work with Wordpress, but I enjoy working with Squarespace site as well. Whatever we do, I promise it will always be easy and painless for you.

Wanna hire me?

I'm currently looking to take on new web projects beginning in March.

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Since early 2015, I've been taking programming courses over at Treehouse. Their in-depth tutorials have not just brought me up to speed, but have helped me become a real programmer. For real, if you're interested in coding at all, I highly recommend them. Without their courses, there's no way I would have been able to build this website with my bare hands.

I also make stuff on Codepen. It's a great place to find some inspiration, work out an idea, or just try something new. Here are a few of my favorite little bits of code that I've created there.